The 2018 Summer Camp dates are as follows:

Staff Only Pre-Camp  June 10th – 16th 2017
SESSION 1      June 17th – 23rd   
SESSION 2      June 24th – 30th       
SESSION 3      July 1st-7th

SESSION 1 THEME: Survivor Texas
SESSION 2 THEME:  Highland Games
SESSION 3 THEME:  Tajar Olympics

SESSION 1 Mini Camp*      June 17th – 20th
SESSION 2 Mini Camp*       June 24th – 27th
SESSION 3 Mini Camp*       July 1st – 4th

Pricing for Weekly Summer Camp:
$350 Until March 15th

$375 March 16-April 30th

$400 After May 1st

Pricing for Day Camp & Mini Camp:
 $250 until March 15th

$275 March 16th-April 30th

$300 After May 1st

Lake Tejas Trip Pricing: $50.00 per child:
Campers MUST be going into the 6th grade or above, and pass swimming test.


*Day Camp is from Sunday through Friday. It is for children can not or who do not want to spend the night at camp, but want to participate in the daily activities. They are assigned a counselor and cabin when they check in on Sunday afternoon. Campers arrive after breakfast and leave before dinner. They MUST sign-in at the Pillbox upon arrival each day and sign-out at the Pillbox before leaving each day. These campers take part in classes, singing, swimming and cabin activities and are also provided lunch. Day Campers should bring a pillow and sheets because they will be assigned a bunk for rest time. They should also bring their swimsuit, towel, and an extra change of clothes.


*Mini Camp is from Sunday at check-in until Thursday at 8:00am. It is for young children who may be trying out being away from their parents for the first time, or for those who may have a scheduling conflict and can not stay the whole week.


*Intercession Prices are $100.00 per Child per Session Intercession allows parents whose child is staying multiple sessions to leave their child over the Saturday night break, and not have to pick them up and re-drop them off the next day. We provide qualified staff, meals, laundry services, and entertainment for the children until the next session begins the following day.


We Serve Girls and Boys Entering Grades K-12th:
Starflight – K-2nd:
Adventure – 3rd-5th:
Discovery – 6th-8th:
Horizon – 9th-12th:
C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) positions are available for 11th & 12th graders based on maturity and leadership qualities.
P.A. (Program Aids) positions are available for 9th & 10th graders based on maturity and leadership qualities.

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