Directions to Niwana



From Livingston (and other points from the west)
Highway 190 East to 256 East

From Jasper or Woodville (and other points from the east)
Highway 190 West to 256 East

From Lufkin or Nacogdoches (and other points from the north)
Highway 69 South to 190 West to 256 East

From Houston, The Woodlands (and other points from the south)
Highway 59 North to 190 East to 256 East


When you turn onto 256 (from 190), the sign says 256 East.

That is the correct road, even though our mailing address says 256 N.

For a good landmark, check on the corner as you start to turn.
You should see several signs for different camps in our area.

If you are driving on Highway 190 and then turn onto FM 256, after you turn, it should only take you about ONE minute to reach our driveway. We are the second driveway on the right.


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