Projects available

Camp Niwana supports the idea of volunteer service as a lifetime habit. We have a volunteer service opportunity available that will match your goals and available skills, time, interest and budget. Whether you need a quick hour of painting or a full day of complex projects or a named building opportunity, we can help. We can offer service opportunities for both individuals and groups. Please contact us to discuss the details of a specific project that will work best for your group.

Here is a list of some ideas to help you get started.


If you or your organization/business has lawn mowing equipment, gas and a volunteer’s heart, we would love to partner with you for mowing, especially during spring and summer.  With almost 25 acres that need to be mowed, this is a constant project, but short-term.  We need mowing about once a week (on Saturday afternoons) during the months of May, June and July for sure, with some other mowing needed occasionally during the rest of the year, too.



We are always expanding and improving our trail system. This is a never-ending project! If you want to help with clearing an established trail or create a brand-new one, we can find the project you need. Cut trees, clear brush, post signs, etc.


All of our cabins are wood framed buildings with wrap around screen for walls.  Occasionally these are damaged by various circumstances or they just get old and brittle and wear out eventually.  Screen repair is an ongoing opportunity.


There is always painting to be done. Youngest children can start their lifetime of service habit by painting a small bench, teens can paint a wall or small building, and a whole crew of friends can repaint a whole building.


We have a brand new pool and would like a bathhouse to go with it. If you would like to help us build a Bathhouse please contact us. This is a named giving opportunity for a generous donor or organization. Please contact us to discuss options and your giving goals.


These are always handy in many places around the site. Build your own or purchase, paint ours or start from scratch, we can work with your needs.


If you don’t see the type of project you would enjoy listed above, please let us know, and let’s find a way we can work together.  Thanks!

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